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Dedicated Commitment To Community


Why Am I Running?

It’s simple, TO GET THINGS DONE. For the last four years, we have seen no real changes and only photo ops and bad decisions with no real planning or collaboration with our local businesses, faith leaders, or local municipalities. When I look at the overall population of Henry County, I see the potential in our county being the Best of the Best for places to live, work and enjoy life to its fullest.

I am running because I want to help people and finally get things done in our county. I have built my businesses here in Henry County through my dedication to the community by hiring the homeless, paying for school lunches for kids with overdue fines and supporting our less fortunate through toy drives and food donations while always keeping my faith in people.

When I started my landscaping business 6 years ago I had no idea what I was doing but through hard work and some failures too I made it through and have built a community of strong, thoughtful and empowered people that can now take on anything that comes their way. That’s why when I am elected as your next Commissioner for District 2, I want to be the type of commissioner that builds bridges, not burns them. I plan to collaborate with our municipalities, not ignore them. I plan to use my experience with building my landscaping business to empower our youth to know they have options on how to reach their goals in life.

I am invested in this community and have lived here for over 13 years and I want more companies to see what I see in this county not treat it as a truck stop or parking lot. So when asking why do I want to run, I have asked myself, why not me? It is time for this county to work together as division and pet projects are not the key to success! I am the candidate that will listen, collaborate and execute what is best for YOU not my own pockets.
I am running to ensure that our citizens have representation that understands the community and is here to help all the citizens of Henry County as all people want is happiness and quality of life in this county that they can be proud of. At the end of the day, I am just a regular guy that knows what hard work, determination, and planning can achieve and I want to bring our community together not tear it apart.

I am the candidate with a plan and I know WE can get the job done by working together and that is why I’m running to be your next Henry County Commissioner for District 2.


“I know what it feels like when I hear other citizens say they are not heard.”

~ Devlin Cleveland

At the start of 2020, I was just a regular guy cutting grass for my landscaping business and providing my community with a place to unwind and meet up with friends and family at my lounge. Now as a candidate for Henry County Commissioner for District 2 I have never experienced running for office and never thought I would be asking to unify our most significant strength in Henry County, which is our community.

My background and experience drive my conviction that District 2 in Henry County should have an actual plan for the future by listening to the needs of the people and proper planning and funding for the upkeep and development of infrastructure, public safety, healthcare, parks and recreation and collaboration to ensure smart growth for our community.

I don’t have any experience being a politician but what I do have is the experience in listening to the needs of my community and offering my time, money and spirit to those that need it the most. It’s going to take humility, understanding, and patience to turn our county around and I am the one for the job.




The Let’s Get It Done Initiative

Working together with our citizens and government officials to create a better District 2 and Henry County.




Meet with all levels of government to listen, plan and execute for District 2 and Henry County.

Our Infrastructure


Our Infrastructure

We must be diligent and have someone present at all governing entities representing Henry County and their infrastructure funding needs.

Public Safety


Public Safety

With increasing population growth, economic development follows. We can not take lightly the work that our first responders are tasked with performing.

Parks and Recreation


Parks and Recreation

Give over control of the parks to the Cities and help them manage the transition to beautify the parks for future revenue and to attract more business.




With our aging community and current community health status, we should plan to provide for a hospital in Hampton and its surrounding community.

Your Vote Matters

If you haven’t registered to vote, please take time to register here in the State of Georgia.



Early Voting Starts May 18th, 2020
Primary Voting June 9th, 2020

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